by Fulcrum Lake

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Brandon "BZ" Zielinski - Lead guitar
Daniel Murata - Vocals, guitar
Steve Giro - Bass
Michael Murata - Drums


released August 19, 2016

Written and performed by Fulcrum Lake
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Cory Brunnemann
Artwork by Robert Gregory Phillips



all rights reserved


Fulcrum Lake San Antonio, Texas

Searching for an energetic, vibrant, and fresh take on rock music? Enter Fulcrum Lake. “One of the best new bands in Texas,” says 99.5 KISS DJ Randy Bonillas who features Fulcrum Lake’s track ‘Overrated’ on his Texas Traxx show in San Antonio.

Started Daniel and brother Michael Murata in 2009. Fulcrum Lake recently released Catalyst, available on iTunes and over 90+ online stores.
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Track Name: Demoralize
This is not my fight
The adoration of our fear, leaving question to my eyes
And knowing when to wait
Making difference in the room, failing interested minds

And I recognize the needle

I would recommend you take a closer look
Hiding deeper than the rest / the light, the lie
Feed the feeling while the frenzy sits and rests
You’re only hiding in plain sight / hiding so plain

Another trait to hide
Another fix to confuse you any other one could kill
Exotic fits you well
And now the gutter fills tonight

Now the focus mine
Now the fallout is mine
Track Name: Overrated
Slow the raid
Cut the chase
Re-evaluate the dimness of your light
Take a stab at the cheap imitation that rides on the tail of hope
Tattered, jaded, overrated
I would rather move on

More face to worship
Enter my conscience
Tear at the notion
You never learn much

Here’s a chance
Double take
All excepting of the life we choose to lead
You tackle this, tarnish that, a hollow grip onto the very thing I breathe
Tattered, jaded, compensated
I undermine my demons
Pushing farther, never fading
Will you ever grow up?
Track Name: The Poor and the Saint
Another test into the void
Words exchanged from the outside
Another turn they won’t expect
The excitement has left us low
Held so tight till we all unfold

We aim to be more than ourselves
Differing tastes
Under most
A tip for the poor and the saint
Lifted away
My excuse
But I wasn’t lost
They never know
Lie from the waist
Cursed out by words

Build off this change we can’t ignore
Some advise other options
Trade on the line between it all
Why do we think what we’re told to?
I was a cause to stop and stare
Never long, never lost, effortless

And now the signs point to nowhere
Make sense of the peace we can trust in
This height we face isn’t all bad
Trust in yourself for the answer
I was a witness to the soul
I pray you put your trust in God
Track Name: The Sound
Downplay the hindsight
Build up your complex
A sign of our right ends no where
The art of surprise is overrun

Holding your life
Dying to breathe

The sound of everyone's heart
The beating of a raging war
You comment on my absence
We fake until we make it work

Passing the gavel
Grasping this tension
We all fear a path so winding
Keep close to the frame that's bending out

This sad display
We all masquerade
A never ending ruse, give me something to believe
We hold our ground
Unknown to all the rest
No simple fix we simply just refuse to run
Track Name: Enoch
Another swaying of the soul
Another 100-meter stare
Why do we separate our mind?
Why can’t we sacrifice our sight?

Oh, the silence never helps

Waiting on the end
Dying to be more
Destined by our fate
Hanging on the edge
Something to feed off
We revere what’s left

Another convoluted thought
An execution set to fail

Don’t lose hope

We bend until we break
Our chariot awaits
Pasted, seething, worn down
Please take us home